Loudon Partners believes that search should be about creating sustainable client value.

Loudon Partners understands and meets our clients' need for immediacy without ever compromising the integrity of our process. We work with urgency; our clients often need to meet candidates almost straight away. Even with clients we know intimately, Loudon begins every assignment with a detailed briefing process in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the specific issues faced by the business line, the personalities that shape it and the qualities that give it identity.

The structure and discipline with which we work is vital to the efficiency and success of the project. As a minimum we conduct a weekly or bi-weekly review of each project for our clients. Prior to meeting candidates, clients receive detailed written appraisals, assessing each candidate clearly against the specification.

Throughout the interview process Loudon manages the candidates carefully and once a finalist is chosen, steers the offer negotiation and undertakes further, formal referencing. After a search is completed, Loudon maintains close contact with both client and candidate, working to ensure the candidate's successful integration.

Our clients and candidates rely on our discretion, our advice and our honesty; the validation of our process is the frequency with which our successful candidates ask us to work with them to build out their teams once they are in their new roles.